Harry Styles took home the award for “Album of the Year” at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, but his acceptance speech has prompted criticism from viewers accusing him of White privilege. 

“I’m just so— This doesn’t happen to people like me very often and this is so, so nice,” Styles said at the end of his acceptance speech. 

His last comment perplexed fans and viewers who pointed out that the overwhelming majority of Album of the Year winners have been White men like Styles.

“I gotta be honest I can’t think of a type of people this happens for more,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Who, white British men?” another user wrote. “Don’t get me wrong i like harry styles i just don’t know why he said that specifically?”

Styles said he was “inspired” by his fellow nominees who included Beyoncé, Adele, Bad Bunny and Kendrick Lamar and seemed surprised to have won the most prestigious award of the night, opening his speech with “Well, s—.”

“I think on nights like tonight it’s important for us to remember there is no such thing as ‘best’ in music,” he gushed during his speech. “I don’t think any of us sit in the studio making decisions on what is going to get us one of these.”

Beyoncé was expected to win “Album of the Year,” and when she didn’t, many fans stated she had been snubbed for the fourth time in a row.

“A black woman hasn’t won in over 20 years and a Hip Hop artist hasn’t won in 19 years. A white man won in 2015,” one user wrote. 

“‘This doesn’t happen to people like me’ is the most white privilege-iest thing to ever be uttered at an awards show ever for all time,” tweeted NPR journalist Sam Sanders. “… ‘This doesn’t happen to people like me’ is what the guy whose dad got him the job says when he gets that bullshit award at work.”